Sleep Apnea Testing Market

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Sleep Apnea Testing Market - Global Analysis and Forecast 2023-2033

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July 2023

The global sleep apnoea testing market will be worth more than USD 13.66 billion by 2033.

The rise in global obesity trends observed for the forecasted period and growing awareness of the seriousness of Sleep Apnoea disorder are primary factors fueling the market growth for Sleep Apnoea testing. Research studies state that obesity is a major underlying factor for developing sleep apnoea disorder. Further studies indicate that it now shows an increased link to other diseases. For instance, sleep apnoea is linked to high chances of cancer development, Dementia development, or developing Alzheimer's disease. Diagnostic tools are undergoing active research to make diagnostic devices more convenient, lighter, easy to adhere, and accurate. Most diagnostic approaches would be integrated with AI, Smart-gadgets or mobile health to better monitor and track sleep patterns. Recent developments have launched a mask-less treatment option for Sleep apnoea, known as Inspire, which is a more convenient treatment device. Further studies conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have found a new protein target for the medicinal treatment of sleep apnoea.

The companies operating within the sleep apnoea testing industry are undergoing mergers, collaboration, acquisition, long-term contracts, and service agreements to increase their global footprint. For instance, millennium sleep lab devised a device for Veterans. They can Choose Oral Appliance to Treat Sleep Apnea instead of CPAP, which is often inconvenient for patients. Furthermore, notable investment towards research and development to launch new and innovative products that support Diagnostic convenience at multiple levels is also practiced by industry stakeholders.

According to the CXOs and primary research conducted, COVID-19 has influenced the prevalence of sleep apnoea in considerable ways. It imposed stress and immunity challenges that have collectively enhanced the possibilities of severe outcomes from sleep apnoea cases. According to researchers, COVID-19 disrupted the sleep patterns of most of the population, affecting their productivity and mental health in general. Sleep Apnoea is getting more prevalent owing to the stress-driven acceleration of disease states such as cardiovascular disorders or diabetes. COVID-19 has made people with diabetes, or other disease states more prone to developing Sleep Apnoea.

The sleep apnoea testing market is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. In line with the analyzed region, the North American region will witness the highest market share, followed by Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Quick adoption of new technologies, support by research and developments towards integration of AI in sleep apnoea testings, and the presence of major industry players within the region are primary factors supporting market potential within the North American region. The major companies operating within the market are BMC Medical Co., Ltd., Circle Health Group, Cleveland Clinic, Curative Medical, Inc., Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Millennium Sleep Lab, Omni Sleep Health, Phillips Respironics and ResMed.

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