Radha Manisha Kopparti

Radha Manisha Kopparti, a distinguished expert in AI and machine learning, boasts a stellar academic background, earning her bachelor's and master's degrees from the International Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India, and a Ph.D. in computer science from City, University of London. With over seven years of experience in AI and machine learning, Radha's journey has taken her from being an undergrad researcher and AI research intern at esteemed institutions like HKUST and Academia Sinica to contributing her expertise as a Data Scientist with globally renowned companies, including Rolls-Royce. Radha is known for building innovative AI systems that learn and think like humans and has published extensively in top-tier journals and conferences focusing on multimodal learning. Her exceptional talent in AI and ML was further recognized with the Global Talent Visa in the UK.

Internet, Communications & Technology (ICT)
Senior AI Scientist
Company Name:
AITI Solutions
Total Experience:
United Kingdom

Endorsement from the Royal Academy of Engineering for AI research

Radha has received the most prestigious endorsement from the Royal Academy of Engineering for her research expertise in deep learning, human computer interaction and multimodal systems.

Expert Contribution to QMI