Ashish Dave

Ashish Dave is an esteemed professional with more than 35 years of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. He has contributed his expertise in several global brands such as Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited, and Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. He has a strong knowledge of brand building, new product launch and market penetration strategies within the Asia-Pacific region. Currently he is engaged in spearheading his own venture headquartered in India, and exporting in North America and European regions.

Healthcare and Pharma
Company Name:
Ester Healthcare
Total Experience:
Bharat (India)

Met Pure XL - Mega Success

Contributed in launched a new brand at a global level, with core market in India. He and his team helped Emcure reached a total sale of $2.8 million within just 2 years of launching.

Product Launch and GTM Strategies

Ashish Dave has contributed in more than 30 novel conceptual products and created a blue ocean for the product while contributed in launching more than 120 legacy products throughout his tenure.

Consultation and Seminars

Ashish Dave during his professional tenure has attended more than 100 seminars, keeping himself updated with recent market trends and business opportunities. He is also working as a mentor and consultant to start-up and new businesses within the healthcare and Pharma industry.